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Bottega Veneta

After performing a market research, this project proposes a carefully chosen brand extension for the brand, Bottega Veneta. The extension is a cafe located on the primary street of Milan, Via Montenapoleone, attracting large no. of consumers that visit the city of fashion each year. 

The cafe aims to strengthen its relationship with loyal consumers as well as reach out to those who aspire to be part of the Bottega community. These new consumers are young, affluent and ambitious. The cafe is designed to fit perfectly into Bottega Veneta’s identity with the intricate use of their crafts such as the Intrecciato weave as well as the signature knot. Oil paintings are carefully chosen to place on the walls to emphasise the traditional and authentic Italian heritage. This diversification can help Bottega Veneta increase awareness and transform prospective buyers into Bottega consumers. The brand will brew its own signature coffee called “Lusso” meaning luxury and stick to Italian cuisine. This extension will follow a monolithic brand architecture i.e. Bottega Veneta will still be the single master brand and unified with “Bottega Veneta Cafe”. In such a case, the consumers trust the brand by its name and expect a certain quality standard that the brand has to live up to.

It was a learning experience to execute and offer a completely new product or service in a new market for a brand known for its luxurious finesse, craftsmanship and discreet nature. Furthermore, to strategise how to push the new brand extension out to its consumers. 

There are two parts to this project:

1) Detailed report on analysing the brand, the market as well as the prospective future. 

2) Presentation for the client i.e. Bottega Veneta. 


       Presentation                                                                                                 Brand Report