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Celine has seen a drastic change in its communication with buyers. From the previously used minimal tone of voice, the brand has taken a turn to maximalism. Pheobe Philo’s legacy to understand real intellectual women and what they wanted out of their clothes is far apart from Slimane, whose vision allows losing oneself to the after-hours party sets, the bling and the retro. Hence, introducing “Apres Apres Fete”, translating to “After After Party” as Celine’s Spring Summer’19 Campaign. 

The inspiration for the SS 19 campaign lies in the collection. The frills, voluptuous bottoms, shimmer, leopard print, polka dots, stripes, metallics and the mini skirts accentuate the 60s mod and the rock n roll in the 80s. In the 60s, cocktail parties, as well as the martinis & margaritas, became a phenomenon. The middle-class adults hired baby sitters on the weekends to get a few hours of socialising with their friends.

With ‘After After Party’, the idea is to bring the parties back from the old times, and add a 2019 modern twist to them, making it easier to communicate the brand to the youth of today.

This project included studying the brand's visual identity from its birth to now, its evolution and creating something that is in sync with its revamped tone of voice.


Brand Report - Ad Campaign SS19