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GOCARA By Anshika Verma

During the course of my post graduation, I also worked on a mock business plan that is completely ideated by me. I saw jewellery as an opportune market in India and decided picking my brains over a concept that not only made my business different, but also valuable to the society. 

Introducing ‘GOCARA’, India’s fashion jewellery brand for all individuals, special in their own way. ‘Gocara’ is derived from the Sanskrit language denoting ‘perceptible by the senses but also regarded as seen by the mind’.The brand’s motivation to create lies in the brand name itself; we want our consumers to feel, sense and really connect with each product. All designs are handcrafted by artisans with visual impairments that draw inspiration from futurism, architecture, geometric forms and modern sculpture.



Unique Selling Proposition

Gocara is India’s rst contemporary brand to offer a wide range of handcrafted braille jewellery. It works towards the blind community’s instant gratification by not just feeling, trying and purchasing a piece of jewellery for themselves but also creating it on their own. The brand’s inclination towards sustainability is seen in its attempt to enhance the lives of its employees. Furthermore, Gocara designs and delivers personalised products in Braille, English or any other language.

Emotional Selling Proposition

The brand strives to provide employment opportunities to a large number of visually impaired from underprivileged sectors. Gocara will tie up with Blind Association of India and several NGOs that teach braille to this community. They will be further trained to design fashion and braille jewellery. This adds to Gocara contributing to society and gives people of all backgrounds an emotional incentive to connect with the cause. It allows individuals with high purchasing power to buy the product, and for those who are unable to a ord it, will feel the need to share it on social forums.


Gocara envisions to be the first to begin a movement in India; a movement that is unforgettable by everyone. It aspires to be the largest Indian organisation with visually impaired craftsmen, creating designs for fashion & braille jewellery using innovative methods. The brand hopes to provide them with safe homes, a certain standard of lifestyle as well as equal opportunities.


The brand is committed to empowering every visually impaired person by providing employment opportunities and a stable, safe and inclusive work environment. Creativity and innovation play a key role in developing the focus of the brand i.e. to curate shopping experiences for everyone, like never before.

I would love for each of you to explore the world of 'Gocara' through a detailed brand report as well as presentation below -

Brand Report