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Irving Penn

Irving Penn Exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris celebrates 100 years of the revolutionary photographer. He is the epitome of the 20th century for portraits, still lives and fashion photography. Penn produced exceptional readings of designers from the superfluous silhouettes by Cristóbal Balenciaga to Issey Miyake's playful shapes and forms. He also gave American Vogue its masterpieces of the century, and worked with celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Yves Saint Laurent, Pablo Picasso, Truman Capote and Lisa Fonssagrives. The exhibition’s preface quotes Penn, "I myself have always stood in the awe of the camera. I recognise it for the instrument it is, part Stradivarius, part scalpel." It offers a wide range of his work from visual artwork of colourful flowers, nudes, beauty, celebrity portraits to tribes in Africa and ashed cigarettes. The matte grey backdrop used in studio is the common element that links all his work together in different parts of the world.