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Issey Miyake

History & Innovation

This project focused on the designer himself, the key developments part of the organisation's history and its coherence with contemporary trends, cultural movements, and innovation in textiles and materials. Issey Miyake is a pioneer to the phenomenon of 'East meets West' by being the first Japanese designer to launch a collection in Paris in 1973. Extensive research was conducted with the help of store visits in Paris, interviews from both its employees as well as the customers and finally, through books and reading materials to understand the intricate craft that goes into Issey Miyake Inc. A detailed study of all his innovations from Pleats Please, 132 5 Issey Miyake to founding the Reality Lab are presented in this project along with his growing concern for wastage in fashion. His influence can be seen in architecture, art and also in the work of many contemporary fashion designers. Lastly, the project also involved evaluation of various sociological fashion theories and how they apply to Issey Miyake’s creations.

History & Innovation

Brand Magazine & Presentation 

After a research project on Issey Miyake, I got the exciting opportunity to produce a digital brand magazine for the Autumn Winter 2017 main womenswear line. With the organisation's inclination towards innovation and Dai Fujiwara's collaboration with mathematician William Thurston in its 2010 collection, one can see the impact of mathematics in Miyake’s work and how they both transcend time and space and illustrate beauty. Hence, my team and I were also curious to use math as a fashion concept for the magazine. In mathematics, we were inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence linked to curvatures and beauty, starting at the beginning and continuing the series throughout the magazine. Even the page numbers follow the Fibonacci sequence as opposed to the usual 1,2,3 format.

The project entailed a photoshoot which included visiting the Miyake Press Office Europe to source clothes, contacting the model agencies and understanding the practicalities of Styling. Moreover, it involved conducting interviews with Mathematicians, Store Managers at Issey Miyake, and the Maths team of the museum Palais de la Decouverte in Paris to collect engaging and relevant content for the articles. We also used Japanese thread binding that opens the magazine the other way around and follows the Japanese reading direction illustrating East Meets West and adding a non-conventional element to the magazine.

You can have a look at the magazine as well as the presentation of its launch below. I hope you like it.


Brand Magazine


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