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Tiffany & Co.



As part of Public Relations module of my masters, I conducted a strategy report for launching the global jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. with its first store in Mumbai, India. The potential growth of luxury brands in India is increasing every year and makes it a very attractive market. Luxury brands are aiming at the millennials due to growth in their purchasing power. The luxury market is said to grow from USD 23.8 billion to USD 30 billion by the end of the year. An interesting fact is that 29 percent of the global jewellery consumption is contributed by India.


India is also the world's third largest diamond consumer after the USA and China. Tiffany & Co. isn't just any luxury brand; it a iconic brand due to its history, heritage and strong communication strategies. It mainly sells luxury jewellery, which is why it has the opportunity to grow in India and make significant profits. It will also be one of the first international jewellery brand to enter the Indian market.


Brand Report